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On The Shore

Papuma Beach, East Java, Indonesia

This short beach vacation was a self-reflection for me. To pay attention how this destination has changed since few years ago. Giving me experience that there was the boat sailor offered us with only 45K short private tour trough the middle of the beach (because it was only two of us on the boat –me and my sister). 

To take me being present, felt the glittery sands, wavy roads when I was riding the tayo bus, listening to kids and their mother giggling during the tour with tayo –fused with dangdut as the back sound, aromatic salt air, textured sharp rocks that I sat on, the 'click' sounds from phone and camera when I took photos, an Avanza was suddenly stopped while it was in an acute position of the road, and also the monkeys along the way back home.

I loved seeing my footsteps stamped on the sands. Not too deep but at least it seemed happy. As if they were ready to continue the journey so they didn't stepped on yet hopped from one path to another. As the sun went up, I knew that my footsteps were only temporarily being there.

"Knew that waves beat the shore not to break things but sometimes it vanish away what don't belong there." 

Pulau Kodok // Frog Island


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