Music of My Mind

".....I'm not the kind of girl who professional in music,although I love music"-Me

Yes,I'm not professional in music,although I love music.I can't play keyboard,guitar,and many else.I have art-culture task.It's about music.I play recorder.Ok,I'm not professional in it,…

Lomba Menulis Cerpen (Bulan Bahasa)

Hobi aku emang nulis.Dan dari SD dulu aku pingin banget diikutin lomba menulis.Sayangnya,cita-citaku yang itu belum kesampaian.

Sekarang,di SMP,aku udah sering diikutin lomba nulis,tapi yang sekarang beda.Aku diikutin lomba menulis cerpen.Nah,lomba menulis cerpennya itu bukan nulis cerpen di rumah…

Result of First Middle Test

Do you know how my result of the first middle test?
Ok,take a while.I'll tell you of it.
Saturday morning,I didn't believe that today was Saturday,a day of announcement of the first middle test.I was very afraid.You know?I studied Indonesian language just a little.I knew,the result would b…
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