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Music of My Mind

".....I'm not the kind of girl who professional in music,although I love music"-Me

Yes,I'm not professional in music,although I love music.I can't play keyboard,guitar,and many else.I have art-culture task.It's about music.I play recorder.Ok,I'm not professional in it,but I play it because on 7 grade I had learn of it,so.....I just play what I know.

Art-culture task : We gather with our group and sing 2 songs.One song is traditional song,and one song is pop.I'm ok in traditional song,but I'm confused in pop.I don't know what's the chord of pop song that we will sing.I said that I'll play guitar,but I haven't learning guitar until now.

I wish my performance 2 weeks later will be the greatest performance in my class.Pray for it.Amin ;))


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