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An extrovert grown up girl from a small city into a big world. I like things that relate to books, beauty, travel, and technologies. I share you here about my experiences, reviews, and self improvement. Enjoy my blog!

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la Avventuriero Flew!

Yes!I got wi-fi in my school :) So,I could blogging again.

On the Sunday morning,I went to Dinga's house.Dinga,Berlin,Sasha,and I,had a promise to did remedial of Math before.Well,arrived at Dinga's house,there was only me.Maybe,Berlin and Sasha still prepared.While waiting for Berlin and Sasha,Dinga and I watched a movie.

At about 15 minutes,Sasha arrived,after Sasha,then Berlin.We went to Nina's house first,cause she got sick,and didn't do the semester test,so I gave her my Math question sheet.After giving the question sheet,we went back to Dinga's house.

We immidiately did the remedi until 4.30 p.m.Time to went home,Berlin went out to the balcon.She looked the roof of Dinga's house.It's so near with the balcon.So,Berlin thought to climbed that roof.Then...tarra!We climbed that roof!

That's all friend! :) See you tomorrow.We meet again


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