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6 Life Lessons from My College Life

Unfortunately, it has been four years since I joined college. What I and people around me realized about is that these last four years made me change a lot. I didn't know many people at first because I was a girl from another city. It started when I joined some organizations and then I knew the seniors even alumni. There were a lot of experiences and processes that make me learn to be a grown-up-woman.

I had an online graduation on Saturday, November 28th, 2020. Well, by this special moment of my life, I want to share you about 6 life lessons what college life had thought me.


1. It's a new world, I prepare and get myself ready

My dream book since 2018

I didn't really have a clear vision to start college. What I have before was only my plan to join a religious organization and journalist in the college. Learn from the wise, I can say that you should SET YOUR GOALS before you start college. Please, put yourself to be a realist at first. I know maybe some of you aren't a realist like I was. I didn't know much about college before. So, I started to set my goals in the 4th quarter. It was kinda late to set my goals but at least I'd made it in the form of My Dreams Come True.

In My Dreams Come True, I wrote about things that I want to achieve for the next 5 years. It was actually an assignment of Entrepreneurship course, but it saved me a lot to be the focus on improving myself.

College is very different from high school. In college, we as a student is directed to be mature and independent. In Indonesia, many times I heard stuff like, "Ingat, kalian sudah mahasiswa (Indeed, remain that you're a college student)" said by the seniors and lecturers.

Well, it was kinda unclear words as I was a new student or here called mahasiswa baru (maba). I wondered, "Why is it if I'm a college student?" But, after quarters by quarters and I joined some organizations, I understood what was it being a college student.

For me, a college student isn't as a high schooler whether in junior high schools that we can be reminded and alerted when we made mistakes. A college student is an agent of change. We as a college student at least can make a positive impact on our surroundings.

In Indonesia, there is Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi contains three points that the college students, lecturers, and any parts of college that take an action on it, these are:

1. Teaching and Education (Pendidikan dan Pengajaran)

2. Development and Research (Penelitian dan Pengembangan)

3. Social Dedication (Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat)


From the three points above, we can plan our goals. What we want to be good at. You can focus on the first, second, third, or all of it. These things will guide you to build your career path further. 

2. Time and Money Management Skills are Important

It's always about priority. What is your priority within this college life? Do you want to exactly focus on the academic result, winning competitions, build your business or all of them? Is it possible to get all of it? Of course.

Met Tania. She is one of my best friends who has good grades, joined a campus organization, won a bunch of business competitions, and run a business with her friends. How did she manage all of them?

From Tania, I want to ensure that you can do your best too. Start to manage your time and money wisely. I'm not the rich kid from the rich family. Once, I'd ever asked my Entrepreneurship lecturer what good investment that student college could take? Was it collecting watches, golds, or something? Then, my lecturer answered,

"Just invest to your time. You can use your time wisely to improve your skills and build connections, even when you have no money."

And of course, when it comes to money, no matter how much pennies do you have, you will always be broke if you didn't manage it well. I've got tips from the internet according to a simple way to the money management.

Spare your money into three:
1) Give
2) Save
3) Spend

Those three are so simple. When you got your monthly income (can be your part-time salaries or given by your parents), strictly just make a plan of your outcomes.

Kitabisa.com is an Indonesian online donation platform

First, GIVE
. There always be a small part of others in your belonging. So, set aside for them. Giving can't make you lose anything. Giving is just an exchange of something that you have to be something bigger you'll have.

Bibit is an Indonesian online investment that fit to the beginners

Second, SAVE
. Please, strictly save your money. If you save it, never withdraw at any amounts except in an urgent condition. If you're saving money to buy something, make sure there will be money left. Suppose that you want to buy a bag of $20. It means you must have $100 in your savings. So, when you buy you $20 bag, there's still $80 left. When you think saving money in the bank or by your own felt difficult, you can learn how to invest money. You can join any trusted online investment and joined the investment community to get an insight.

Spending Plan - Inas Muthia

Third, SPEND. It can be denied that we often to get impulsive to something we loved so much. It can be games, films, or even wishlist in e-commerce. Well, I'm very into you, lol. A tip from me about spending, you can make a spending plan such as a wishlist that you want to buy in the next month. Usually, I use Google Sheet to spare my monthly spend into Living, Toiletries, Foods, and etc. After that, I'll know the budget that I could use for my needs and how much money I could spend.

3. It's Not Only About Me, so I Expand My Networks

CCI Telkom University
CCI Telkom University 2019

Sisjar Laboratory
Sisjar Lab 2019

Coming up from a small city, I went to the college with a will to expand my networks. I wanted to have friends from different cities and cultures. Moreover, there always be the moment when I must accept that I was not a superstar so I couldn't please anybody to help me. So, I made myself to be independent and be humble. Greet anybody I would like to. Made a connection to the seniors, juniors, my friends in another class, even to the lecturers. 

For me, no matter if you were not the good talker, you were an introvert, extrovert, if you start to make a conversation, anybody will open to you. It was not always a nice start, but all I could say that you can just keep going. Trust me, when you know everybody, you have a great connection to them, make a good circle, it will help you a lot in the future. 

4. I Can't be a Master at Everything

When you got subjects in different focus, you can learn all of it but can not be master at everything. Just like me, I got the business, enterprise, computer network, and programming. And, do I able to understand them? Yes, I do. Do I master it all? No, I do not. I can choose only one to be mastered. 

If we want to have it all, it will be like we're chasing two rabbits at the same time. Sound impossible. Maybe you can have it all but you get master of none. So, I suggest you to know what focus you're master at and go deep down about it.

5. Keep Your Life in a Balance

Of course, college is something new for some people. New environment, new place, new friends, new circles. Please keep your life in a balance for the academy, social, and your health. Tuition fee cost us at no small amount of pennies. So, please make our years work for us. 

1) Academy

Wrote all of them with A just to push me. In fact, I can't get those A strikes, but still as I expected

Academy is our priority. Keep the focus on what subject you're passionate about and have yourself a good grade. Actually, it's an option for you to choose whether having good grades or survive on it. Having a good grade is a piece of evidence that you can follow the study well, but can't help you if you don't be master one of it. 

2) Social Life

When I got an invitation to Google Devfest 2019

I'm an extrovert but sometimes joining a circle still such a mental block for me. But, I tried to handle and participate in any events or opportunities. What I've got by joining a community, event, or whatever it is that push me to interact with other people that I can meet people from another city even countries. By joining communities, we can discuss any topics, so it improves our insight into something. It can also improve our public speaking ability, open new opportunities, and build our empathy.

3) Pay attention to your health
Cook myself a Tom Yam

Living far away from home, I can get the perks to eat whatever and whenever I want to. But, I don't wanna be loose control. I've been avoiding to eat junk food. What I keep in mynd, "Just because junk food always look delicious and I have pennies to buy them doesn't mean I can have it for my daily meals." It can't be denied that sometimes I ate too much, bought foods that I like, and I tried to balance my meals with healthy food like vegetables, fruits, or can be herbal vitamins. Also, I learn how to cook. If I have more free time, I used to walk 20 minutes in the morning or evening as a little exercise.

6. Join the Teamwork and Be the Leader

Teamwork is where you work together with one or more. If there's an opportunity to lead your team, be the one. Not to be the superior one, command this and that. Absolutely not. But, by being a leader you learn how to manage other people, how to listen to them first before you speak your own mind, and take all the risk beyond. 

From being a leader, you can't just be a yes-yes person within the period because you need to take care of your team, see what good and bad opportunities that will lead to your team if you make a decision. This not being a 'yes-yes' person will help you in the future so others can't easily take benefit from you.


That's all about six lessons that I can take from my college life. No matter how good and bad experience we've got in college, it will be a good life lesson we can take. There must be more than six lessons you can take and that's good if you share it with your friends too. Have a good day!


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