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The Little Girl

When did you know that your daughter or son has uncommon abilities and made them feel special in your life?
I read the question that appeared in my Quora timeline.  One of the Quoran answered with some fascinating stories, so here I shared with you because yes I am that fascinated by the stories.

* * *

I had a daughter. We were a little family in our small house and lived far away from my mother who was absolutely my daughter's grandma. There was nothing special with my daughter till she became 3 years old and able to talk.

Every weekend, we used to have a video call with grandma. Grandma had the routine to make a video call in her bedroom. Before the video call, she would tidy up her bedroom and set up some cute backgrounds so my daughter didn't get bored.

One day, I made a video call to grandma while my daughter was focus on the TV. "Wait a minute, I still make my bed," said Grandma. So, I leave the phone. My daughter came to me and she asked, "Mom, are you having a video call with grandma?". I said, "Yes, of course. But, she needs a few minutes, honey."


My daughter took my phone and asked grandma. "Grandma, is that you? Well, grandma, you don't need to do that," she said. I was startled when she was saying that because nobody in this house told her about her grandma who used to tidy up her bed before she was going on a video call.

I know you might think it might be coincidental that she heard us when she was watching TV. I told you another story for the next day.

One day, I woke up from a nightmare. In the nightmare, I was escaping from a lion that would try to reach my daughter as prey. I woke up when the lion approached me and said, "Give me your daughter!"

For your information, my daughter slept in her room, another room from me. Also on that night, my daughter was having the sleepwalking. She walked into my room. She whimpered outside while saying, "Mom, please don't give me to the lion..."

The lion

Start at that time, I and my husband realized that our daughter was not an ordinary little girl. She had a gift.

* * *

As I told in the first line, this story was from Quora. I forgot about the one who asked and answered. So, I try to re-share with my style. Thank you for reading.


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