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Things to do During Ramadhan 2020 + Free Easy Iftar Recipes

There always been unique things during Ramadhan. By this year, Muslims are fasting in the Covid-19 situation wherein my city, the crowd is not the same as in the last year. I remember that the streets became more jamming around 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. because everybody seemed to look for the meal for iftar (time to break the fast). More Muslims used to go to the mosque to pray Tarawih and some of them also went to pray Maghrib and Subuh because you know that Ramadhan has many bonuses of Pahala to do the deen.

This Ramadhan 2020, the situation is quite different. There is no jamming around 4.p.m, less seller who sells iftar snacks, no Tarawih in the mosque. I know it is not easy for some people like the medical staff because they are the frontier who takes responsibility to take care of the Covid-19 patients. They do the fasting and still against the virus which means they must take care intensely of themself too. Full-time wearing Hazmat and mask is full of struggle. Much appreciation for them. May Allah always protect and keep them safe.

Even this Ramadhan quite different than any Ramadhan before, we still can do many things. I want to share with you some tips to make you still productive even you do the fasting.

1. Cook the meals by yourself

Everyone becomes a chef now.

Are you the one who is being a good chef too during this quarantine? If it yes, then good, and if you are not, then I recommend you try to be one. Self-quarantine sometimes kinda boring because it pushed us to stay at home, less hang out with our friends, less going outside so we don't know how is our environment now. I'm as the extrovert feel uncomfortable with this situation because I can't meet my friends to share stories and didn't get many triggers as I used to.

Yesterday, I was joining a webinar in which the topic was about Tips To Sustain Your Online Business During The Crisis. One of the speakers said she was as the extrovert also didn't feel good by this situation because she used to meet people and got the energy from them. Then, she started to cook like what her online mates mostly did. She felt it was an alternative to excess stress because she felt freer. Cooking improves our creativity by creating a recipe, adding season, and manage our emotions by waiting for the meal to be ready to eat or in case our cook did not succeed. 

It is nice to do so in the Ramadhan. We can create our snacks or meal for iftar so time to break won't be so long to wait at least it kills the boredom of the self-quarantine. Here's the list of easy-cook recipes.

Milky Pie

Shrimp with Padang Sauce

2. Do the Ramadhan Diet Plan

Source: productivemuslim.com

Self-quarantine pushed us to stay at home but it doesn't mean that we can turn to be lazy as hell. We should keep our body fit. So, I found out this website which shares the Ramadhan Diet & Fitness Plan. The planner includes 30-day meal ideas for iftar, snacks, and suhoor also it provides the exercise recommendation to do and some healthy recipes. You can download the planner freely via the website.

I think it is not about being skinnier or reach those Gigi Hadid's body goals. No. Even it can be one of a kind, the most important thing I can say about the diet, it keeps us fit and boost our energy during Ramadhan. Moreover, as I mentioned before, we have been staying at home in this Ramadhan 2020. Fewer activities such as no walk to go to our school or office like we used to before quarantine could be the reason why we became lazy and unproductive. 

Frankly, I started to commit the diet because I used to walk and had many activities on the campus that made me had some moves. But, during this quarantine because of Covid-19, I can't do it anymore and there are reactions to my body and emotions. I became lazier, no sleep quality, I felt my body full of aches after getting up in the morning (sadly I'd been waking up late which was suck).

3. Improve Your Murojaah

It is our chance to do a lot of things during the quarantine. And yup! Ramadhan is full of blessed. Set your after-life target instead of focusing on life goals. Make sure you spare your time to memorize some surah in the Quran. It is not as hard as you imagine. Here I have the tips to memorize the Quran for the beginner.

  1. Know the reason that memorizing surah in the Quran can make you joy
  2. Start from the easiest one like the 30th Juz or Juz 'Amma or just reverse from the last surah to the first surah
  3. If the second point still hard for you, choose your own surah. As I experienced, I always picked the mostly surah I'd ever listened to so I thought it was the popular one such as Ar-Rahman, Al-Mulk, and An-Naba'
  4. Be in the circle who loves to memorize Quran because it will trigger you to boost your murojaah
  5. Track and set your murojaah. Write your goals weekly such as you want to memorize surah Ar-Rahman so in the first week you set a goal to memorize verses 1-13, the second week reach the goal of memorizing verses 1-26, and so on.
Do it consistently and to ease or maintain your murojaah, you can recite the surah when you are praying. So, what are you waiting for?

4. Still Engage to Your Beloved Ones

Quarantine may separate us miles away from our friends or even our family. Make it a challenge to stay in touch with them just like you are having a long-distance relationship during Covid-19. In Islam, stay connected to our beloved ones is one of the keys to us having a longer life. If you can't do a usual Ramadhan activity together like you used to, make the one.

You can do an online iftar through Zoom or any video call platform or you can deliver your hampers as a souvenir to others. This simple thing can improve your togetherness even you are being far away from one and another. Togetherness makes us warm and happy which can forget us a bit from the Coronavirus chaotic.

* * *

No matter what happens to us, I hope that we are always in good condition especially in this Ramadhan 2020. It adds our impression of the year 2020 and makes us feel more grateful and appreciate those memories also chances what Allah has been giving to us. Aamiin. See you in Ramadhan 2021!


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