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What Kicks You Can Do During Self-Quarantine (Covid-19 Tips)

It has been xx days since the Covid-19 breaks in Indonesia. It is quite hard for me who is an extrovert. I used to socialize and share funny things with my friends at the campus and did some projects in the organizations. Those things made me seemed so busy but I actually loved it. Being active and interacting with people made me productive and triggered me to did everything quickly (also gave them my best. The perk of being a perfectionist). Then it came to the Covid-19 pandemic which caused lockdown of the city. My friends went back to their home city and I'd rather stay here to finish my bachelor thesis.

Within one month, there were many things quite change. Streets became so silent, no crowd after 8 p.m. around my flat, stores closed at 6 p.m, and I stayed only with my sister which mean I only intensely interacting with my sister. I have a friend that still stays here too. About once in two weeks, we went outside to buy supplies together. But, we know the limit of "self-quarantine". It made us seldomly went outside especially to crowded places like the supermarket. I know it is so boring and I guess you exactly feel the same to me (except you're an introvert and feel okay with it). So, here I want to share some activities you and I can do during this self-quarantine.

1. Upgrade Your Skills

Source: Rebloggy

Besides working from home or school from home, it is a chance for you to upgrade your skills to the next level. Even though you have a bunch of tasks to do all day long, you can manage your time so there is still spare time to learn new things, to expand what things you really like, and you can join the online courses. Many online courses provide 30 days of free access to their courses such as Coursera. It sounds cool for me when Covid-19 ends and you come up with the new skills to share with your friends. 

Not only courses, maybe you can do the editing photos using Lightroom so you get the best preset you can create, you can also play guitar with new instruments, or other things whatever you love to do. It is good to be the new you with the new skills and new opportunities to come. You walk one step forward more than anyone who does not so. It means your self-quarantine do not waste your time that bad and self-quarantine shape you be the better version of yourself.

2. Execute Your Hobbies

Source: The Awkward Book Blogger

Disclaimer: This activity may not be proper for you who loves sports and adventure. Remember, "self-quarantine", mates.
When I was in junior high school, someone told me that we might have so many hobbies because hobbies were the things or activities that we liked. Fyi, my hobbies are reading books, writing, and swimming. Lol, that are normal hobbies, right? But I love blogging too, I love going outside to the nature with animals and try the special culinary of the cities. My schedule was always full of activities, assignments, examinations, and practices which seemed didn't allow me to do my hobbies. Two hours of blogging was the same time to finish my assignment, the same time to attend a practice and also the same time to finish the examination. So, before this pandemic, what priorities might be the priority.

While during self-quarantine, oh I don't know how to say it. Whether I thank this Covid-19 or government because schools are at home now so I can do my blogging every time I want. I can do my own research about self-improvements books until I can finish reading Start With Why which I had ignored in 2019. I finish creating my bullet journal which there was no time to did it before. I love this kind of remote work, lol. School at home, work at home, online meetings. Those made me successfully execute things I postponed before. You should try it too!

3. Open an online business

Source: Tenor

A lot of people become professional-online-chef now! I watched it on my Instagram, Whatsapp stories, my friends are being a good chef now. Me too, I think. We started to cook simple delicious food and because of spare time during self-quarantine which I mean, you can turn off your video during online class and go to the kitchen to make some meals because your class starts at 7 a.m. and you just wake up. You also can record your cooking process of delicious food that the recipe you got from grandma then share it to Instastory so your friends tempt it too.

This one of my friends likes Shihlin chicken so much. Covid-19 avoid her to buy one of it even from the online delivery service. So, she started to make a similar one at her home. I know it is tasty because of her Instastory showed it so. She recorded and recorded till one day, she opened up a pre-order made of her cook. Whola! Bunch of orders came! It became an online business now across her blocks.

Another story

My friend lived in a small city where there is no mall, there is no restaurant or cafe open during this pandemic. She had a little food business with her mom for a long time ago. Then she started making rissoles mayo which she sold only IDR 6K per box (includes 3 pieces of rissoles) in the first week of selling. She provided a delivery service, in fact, her city still had one case of Covid-19 and it is really a quiet city I have ever known. She succeeds to sell her rissoles mayo because of the online marketing via Instastory and Whatsapp story. Now, she has more menus such as rice bowl and still giving the delivery service. 

Business tip besides I mentioned above is you can sell fiber mask in case everyone needs it during this pandemic. Come on, mates. You can earn money too from this pandemic. You'll be wealthy after pandemic ends*
*If you manage your finances wisely.

4. Making a Documentation

Source: Gifimage.net

Dude, I think YouTube, Netflix, and TikTok are the most profitable company after hand sanitizer and self protector equipment company during this pandemic. I watched TikTok videos all day. It is so entertaining because it only has 15 seconds then you can be entertained, you get some tips or even jokes from TikTok. Laughing at myself. You can update about remix song which in my country were Mamah Muda and You Know I'll Go Get. Lol, that's so funny!

Instead of watching videos, I found out a video competition too from my friend. It is UGM Competition From Home 2020 "It's Not Social Distancing, Just Physical Distancing!". I joined this competition because I wanted to have an achievement during the pandemic. With the help of Ojak, finally, we finished it. Not only a video competition, I and my friends also made the #passthebrushchallenge video and some funny videos just to entertain ourselves from the boredom.

People could say whatever they want to say about our videos, but we made it also for documentation about how Covid-19 made us. It is good to be done which means we particularly documented ourselves during an unconditional, anxious, yet boredom situation because of Covid-19. You can make your documentary video too about yourself or your environment during the pandemic. Then, watch it after Covid-19 ends to know how you and your friends react to it.

5. Finish Your Final Year Assignments

Source: Tumblr

Well, this is for you who's going through the final year. Nobody said it was easy. Moreover, your research may be postponed or go to another plan because of Covid-19. I'm in your shoes. All we have to do is encourage each other. Just put this thing as the prior no matter what. Good luck to you and see you on top!
"The thesis is done by just do it."


All the tips I'd written above are purely some options for me based on my experiences to avoid boredom along this self-quarantine. I hope you can enjoy the tips and get a good perception of it. May this pandemic over as soon as possible and we can do our normal activities again. See you!


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