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Portrait of Jogja

Last year, I went to Jogja with one of my friends, Anis. She was having a study in the city and I stayed with her for about four days.

You know that Jogja has many destinations and cultures. You can get them both at a cheap price. For example, I could get a scoop of gelato at Tempoe Gelato with only IDR 20k. It was legit, original taste, no additive composition. The interior was also Instagrammable. You can enjoy your time with your friends and family here.

On the second day, I went to three destinations. They were Malioboro Street, Fort Vredeburg Museum, and Taman Sari. I went there with Ojak.

Malioboro Street is commonly visited by tourists. I bought meatball (bakso) for about IDR 12k and a glass of cendol. Ojak also bought special lumpia in this street. It was about IDR 5-10k if I'm not mistaken. I didn't think it was delicious like what Ojak said, but he said so, and many people queued here, so maybe my tongue was unmatching at that time, lol.

We continued to the Fort Vredeburg Museum. I was so surprised because the entrance ticket was only IDR 3k. I'm not kind of people who enjoy visiting a museum, so I could say it was ordinary. You can take photos here because of the building interior.

After that, we went to Taman Sari. I was so curious about Taman Sari because some of my friends had gone there and the view was beautiful through their photos. As we arrived, we bought the ticket for about IDR 30k (local visitor) and IDR 80k (foreign).

Taman Sari was so historical. You can see pools and water fountains here. It was so fresh to go here because at that time I went there at 12 o'clock as the sun was right over our head. Legend said that the main pool of this place used to be a bathing place for the king's princess or a lady's court.

Lucky me going to Taman Sari with Ojak because he had gone there five times so he said like many times, "Don't be quickly quit from this place. There is a hidden place." And I was like, "I think it's enough. We can go to the other side of this place," just to make sure where was the hidden place.

So, I tell you. The hidden place was near the exit door. If you see the debris of a place, just go ahead. There is a cave there. The view was very beautiful in the afternoon. You can take photos with different backgrounds just in the same place as Taman Sari. You can just move to the other side and you can get a new background.

Towards the evening, we went home. It was so tiring yet happy because we could go to many places just in one day.

At night, I said to Anis that I wanted to go to the place of AADC 2's scene. We looked for it on the internet and found out it was in Bukit Rhema. We went there the next morning. It was located in Magelang and about 50KM from Jogjakarta City.

I and Anis a little bit lost during the ride, but luckily, the citizens there were very humble, gave us the direction to the Bukit Rhema or they called it Gereja Ayam. Finally, we arrived at Bukit Rhema. The entrance ticket's price was expensive rather than another destination in Jogja. It was IDR 35k (one ticket + a trade of snack).

We might walk to a higher place till we arrived at the entrance gate of Gereja Ayam. (I would like to say: If you want to go there, make sure that you are in a fit condition). There was the ticket woman at the entrance who told us a little story about Gereja Ayam. I thought she would tell everyone the words like this, "This is Rumah Doa Bukit Rhema. Many people said it was Gereja Ayam. In fact, this place is a bird-shaped and not only a church but also a place to pray for every religion."

Inside the place, there were small rooms as a place to pray. But there was no proper light to take photos, so I didn't have one.

I and Anis went upstairs. The wall was full of the mural. We went to the top of the building just like in the AADC 2's scene. We went downstairs to another room in the building. I could spot Candi Borobudur temple.

And then, because of starving, we went to the cafe. We enjoyed some snacks and beverages. I would say the balcony was the coziest place ever. It was windy and I could see the beautiful view from this place. After that, we went home at noon.

Jogja was my first city to travel. From Jogja, I learned about being humble, low profile, calm, yet still fun in a beautiful way. Thank you, Jogja. You opened up my journal.

*This article was formerly posted in sugarushsugar.blogspot.com


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