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A Day with the Sunshine

Source: Tumblr

Hello, my sun. The sun of mine, I want to tell you about something. I got up early this morning and then I went far away to look for shine for you. Yes, I went far to look for shine for you so that it can complete me having one thing that really shines I named it the sunshine of you. My friend said that the sunshine was a cool name.

Sunshine, if I could say. My sunshine, had you had breakfast? I would like to take you to the peak of place so that we could have breakfast in the cloud for the first time and I could feel the warmth of your smile there. After that, I would take you to run. Please take it calmly, this was not a competition. There was no win or lost because we would run together.

My sunshine, where would you go this afternoon? Let me accompany you. It would be a pleasure for me. I would prepare my motorcycle and also my back to be your space to land your head if you fell asleep along the ride. We would go through passed the skyscrapers so we might be looking up our head to see the window at the top of the building. We would enjoy the afternoon under the pink-peachy sky just like the blush on your cheek.

Sunshine, wore a jacket that would make you warm. You didn't have one? I had one. Just wore mine. You didn't need to ask whether I would feel cold or not if we went home late tonight. That was my business. Your business was only being accompanied by me to went around.

Sunshine, my sunshine. It was very late at night. My sunshine, you might be sleepy. Came on, we just needed to go home. When arrived home later, I would say to your mother that her daughter was so dainty and adorable today. When we arrived at home later, I would say to your mother that I would like to make that happiness last forever in her daughter.

Sunshine, I thought that you were really sleepy. So, just went to sleep. Keep your shine for tomorrow. And for the day off tomorrow too and for tomorrow of ever. Goodnight, sunshine.

*This article was formerly posted in sugarush


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