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Farm House, Lembang, Bandung

Finally, after three years of living in Bandung, I and my friend had time to go to Farm House. Farm House is a destination you can visit for enjoying a short holiday with your friends, family, or anyone. It is in Lembang, Bandung. You can just check Google Maps because it is easy to find.

Just like its name, Farm House is a farm look-alike where you can trade your entrance ticket with milk or you can get IDR 25k discount in some food stores there. There are cattle like sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, also parrot. There was no fee to groom sheep, rabbits, and guinea pigs, but you must pay IDR 20k to feed rabbits and take a photo with a parrot.

In some parts of Farm House, you can buy dairy products, cookies, clothes, and the stores were having the dairy scent which made me so tempted.

You can take photos in any corner here because it was Instgrammable. Funny things I got was when I wanted to take a photo with a sheep, I waited for a little girl being captured by his daddy with a thick-fleece sheep. Then, the thick-fleece sheep came to me and I held it. The little girl came to me too and hug my knees, left me grinning. The little girl then went back to her mom near me. But, as my friend was going to take a photo of me with the sheep, the little girl went back to me again and suddenly hug me. I was surprised. I hugged her back, and she hugged me tighter. Her mom and dad laughed awkwardly between funny and said to me like, "We're sorry. Don't mean to bother you," I said that's okay and laughed too because of this little kid.

* * *

Place: Farm House
Location: Lembang
Entrance Ticket: IDR 25k (trade with discount voucher/milk)
Budget: IDR 100k to buy kinds of stuff/snack, additional cost IDR 20-30k

*This article was formerly posted in sugarush


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