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District Dago, Bandung

I was enjoying night with my sister and found out this one eye-catchy cafe because of its gelato. For me who was always excited with gelato and ice cream, directly parked our vehicle in this place. District Dago is kind of unique and eye-catchy cafe in the Dago Street, Bandung. Its concept is military, monochrome, and vintage look-alike. It sells coffee, gelato, food and beverages commonly.

I bought one scope of Cookies gelato for IDR 15k and my sister had Blueberry Chessecake for her scope. There was sticker said that these gelatos were gluten free. I recommend it to you if you are the type of person who doesn't have the sweet tooth like I do.

The parking area is very large and the parkers are humble. I thought District Dago was a tiny cafe because it looked like that from the outside. But, after I came inside, their interior was unique. Let me tell you what's inside District Dago.

In the front area, there is a coffee section in the left side of the place which you can take your time for drinking coffee. In the middle, there is cashier. In the right side, you will see the gelato section.

Next is the coridor where you can take photos with the waffle-shaped wall and some chairs also one table to have your meal.

Continue the section inside, there is a larger space. There's second floor and cozy room (I looked from the outside that this room was quietly room to have a joy) . There's a stage in the balcony to perform a live music.

The hospitality is very good. Humble people here. I recommend this place to you if you want to go hang out with your friend, family, do a reunion, or just a place for having a joy.

Place: District Dago Bandung
Location: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 339, Dago Atas, Bandung
Price range: IDR 15k - 190k
Rate: 8/10  

*This article was formerly posted in sugarush


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