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Company Visit: Microsoft Indonesia

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

I kept my eyes open so that I couldn't fall asleep. Again, I borrowed Baki's jacket to go to the campus, prepared myself before the company visit to Microsoft Office in Jakarta. This company visit held by Badan Pengurus Himpunan Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi (BPH HMSI), Department of Relation. The requirement to join this company visit was quite unique which I registered via Gform link shared on LINE Official Account of HMSI. I fulfilled the identity form and the reason why I wanted to join this activity.

I could say that my reason at that time was a fool. Just because one of my friends announce that the link had published so I must register quickly. There you go. I filled it on my own foolish, "I want to know an office with a bed and the game console." At least, that was my reason I tried to write and submit and on the next day I approved to join the company visit. Thanks a lot, Department of Relation!

I was the first who arrived at the campus. I sat there in front of Bangkit Building's gate with security took a look at me. Luckily, Martzael and Aul came by motorcycle then carried me to the MSU. Yes, there were three people on the motorcycle, or we called it both (bonceng tiga).

About 4.30 a.m., the group of the company visit departed from campus. We arrived at SCBD, Jakarta, around 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. Before entering Microsoft's office, we had a breakfast first on the bus. After that, we started to queue to enter the building. Anyway, Microsoft's office was similar to Defenxor's, wherein the one building includes various of offices, not Microsoft's office only. The difference, we did not need the visitor card in Microsoft's office. It was enough for the responsible one reported to the security in front of the entrance gate and we were ready to be guided to go to Microsoft's office on the 18th Floor.

There was a privilege card to get all access to every Microsoft's office doors which only owned by its employees. So, we could not go anywhere as we desire. 

From the left-behind: Nawa, Fiana, Faathir, Thoni, Martzael, Me

First entrance, we were guided to the meeting room look-alike. The room was not too large but it was enough to gather us which about 50 people. We listened to Mr. Huda Marofiq who was explaining the lastest Microsoft technology. After that, we went around and took a look the Microsoft Indonesia's building.

Mr. Huda Marofiq was explaining the latest Microsoft technology

The helpdesk office in Microsoft Indonesia

A waiting room or I could it was a relaxing room because you could see the upper view

The office was not too crowd or full because the employees worked remotely. From the entrance, there was a helpdesk and then there was a waiting room look-a-like or a room for the guest took a sit with magazines and books served there. There was a corridor which at that time used to hold an event because there were buffets and kinds of stuff, there was a tiny kitchen also tiny refectory ended with the working room. 

The corridor linked to the tiny refectory

The tiny kitchen and refectory were cute. In the kitchen, every employee allowed to store their foods. I saw there was some refrigerator, a microwave, a TV with its Xbox, and a soccer foosball table. The tables towards to outside view where you could see buildings and the street hustle. That would be mesmerizing to eat feel like in the sky. 

Eat-in the sky

Could you spot an Xbox?

Continue to the working room. In the working room, we were not allowed to take a picture nor recorded a video for security and our convenience. What made the working room cool was the view straight toward the outside of the window. You could see the wide sky and the SCBD streets. No silos that would separate every working table. Everyone was free to work everywhere. Lockers were available to store your things. Moreover, there were rooms inside the working room such as a nursery room, room to play a game, and various rooms to held a meeting. Plus, socket plugins were available on each table. Less struggle to plug your charger.

After the working room, we went back to the helpdesk office. The company visit was closed by taking the picture and some impressions speech. 

The company visit participants that held by Department of Relation, BPH HMSI

Thank you to:
* Department of Relation, BPH HMSI who held this company visit. I wanted to know what was inside Microsoft Indonesia's office since a long time ago
* Pamacan friends (it was my friends in the same class) and EIM friends who wanted to take the dispensation

* * *

*This article was formerly posted in sugarush


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