Making DIY Pouch

14 days of holidays, I planned to make small coin pouch. I had searched some ideas and also tutorials on Pinterest before. I just didn't so much time cause examinations and assignments at school.

I was grateful that my sewing machine was okay, no need to be serviced anymore, hehe. I downloaded some patterns. But I was wrong. I downloaded the dumpling coin purse, not the simple one. So, I looked for on Google the measurement for the simple coin purse. Whenever I'd found it, I tried to draw on a blank paper, then applied it to the fabrics.

The 'second time' I tried studying sewing machine. The first time was when I was on 8th grade.
In this pict, my Mom asked me to sew some curtains that she
cut because it were too long to fit to the windows.
So, okay. My sewing skill still minus. I'll try more and more, but not this time because I must be focus on my study (National Exam waits me). And also my sewing machine is broken, it's caused by me changed some settings on the machine (Sorry, Mom. My Mom wasn't angry to me, hoho!)


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