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Happy New Year Card from Jackusan (Andori's Father)

Hello! It's 9:49 PM when I write this. In this post I just want to share something cute I'd got a few years ago. It was from Japan, more specific : From Indonesian that lives at Japan.

So, I don't know exactly what day was that. Om Jack wrote on his Askfm, "For everyone want to get a postcard from me, you can mail me to xxxxxx@xxxx ( I forget the e-mail address)". I was just directly mail him. I wrote the form, and sent it! I thought, "Hm...Maybe I can't get it". Yeah, I thought so because it might be really lots of mails got into Om Jack's inbox.

Then, it was January, 1st 2016. I got up early, then as usual I unlocked my phone. I got a notification from Gmail. It was from Mensa Toegiono! (Om Jack's real name). First, I thought it was from Angel (moicheonsa), haha. *their name is almost similar, I think* *and I read the inbox when I got up, yeah so...*

This was what I'd got! It was a Japanese culture on caricature, and also those Japanese writing, I love it!

They are (Dorippu, Toge, and Jackusan) are very kind. After school, I asked Om Jack that I'd got the postcard in the morning. He respond to my question! He asked me to pap (post a picture) of the postcard.

Hahaha, I was very thanked him. I posted it also on my Instagram and Facebook, with the caption using "Arigato Gozaimas" (Thank you, in a polite way as Japanese culture). I hope that one day I can come afterwards! :))

That's all for today! Oh next post, I'll write the review of Doriyaki, dorippu's first book (short biography?) Once again, Arigato Gozaimas, Om Jack! Thank you very very very much!!!


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