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Coloring Dorippu

   Hello, Guys! I'm back. So, in this post I just want to share the speed step of me coloring Dorippu. I use Photoshop CS 5 and pen tool in it.
  The first step I used that making vector by pen tool. Just curve it and yeah... These are the picts

Taken from dorippu.com

I used pen tool to make vectors. Fyi, I made it
part by part. It took more patience. After
that, I filled them one by one.

Some of the part, like nose and
lips, I just made the line as 'helper line' for brushing.

Those highlight, I used color dodge, and sometimes
white brushes.

Added colors to those eyes. For the
lights in the eye I used white brush opacity '0'.

Colored hair using watercolor brush (downloaded the
ABR on the internet)

Added some hightlight in hands so it looks more realistic.

Manipulated cloth using watercolor brush and those

Applied background and the shadow so it looks more realistic.

After finishing the artwork, I posted it to my Instagram (Inaaas13)

Applied background and the shadow so it looks more realistic.

See! Gama commented on it. Hehe.
That's all for this post. Sorry if my post right now seems so messy because I write it in hurry. My sister needs to do her works in my laptop. Bye!


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