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Having Not Enough Space in Your Room and How to Deal with It

(Idea Ink on Pinterest)

I'd been living in a medium room for about 4 years.  It started when I joined college and made myself rent a boarding house. Until the day when I decided to move into a new place, I just realized that I'd been having this kind of problem: 

I liked to fulfil the empty space in my room with kinds of stuff so that I needed extra energy when moved into a new place.

Back at the Dorm

It was my first time to stay in a dorm. Actually, this dorm might consist of four students. So, one student got one bed and one table to study. In fact, I only stayed with a roommate, so we agreed to have two beds and two tables to be our own space.
Later on, in the last time of the second semester, I was expected to move out because the dorm was only for the first-year student in the college. I packed my stuff and I found out that I stored too many unimportant things which required more boxes than my friends.
"Oh, wow, my things are getting much by this time," I thought.

My Previous Boarding House

Mohamed Chahin
(Mohamed Chahin on Behance)

I moved into a boarding house. It was enough for one people to lived for. It consisted of one single bed, one four-stacked plastic drawer, a small cupboard, and a small wooden table. There was no big table to study as in the dorm before because my room wasn't fit.
As time goes on, I started to buy things to fulfil my need such as school supplies, kitchen needs, and things that support my hobbies as simple as best-seller books. My room was getting smaller and smaller because of it.
After 4 years of staying in this boarding house, the rent was about to end. I packed again my stuffs and I knew that I needed to stop collectin.

The Time I Knew It Got Worse

In the middle of 2018, I bought an e-book. The title was The Magic Power of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. This book was about having more spaces in your room and how simplicity can make our life better.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Marie Kondo
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Fyi, I'm the kind of person who likes to tidy up and keep everything neat. I used to tidy up my room at least once a week. After reading some chapters in the book, I realized that I tidy up with no goals, innocence, and didn't put attention to the things I should declutter and not.

Does It Spark Joy Marie Kondo
(Indigo Organizing)

Some important points I got from the books were:

1. Every stuff have their own spaces
2. Own the things that spark you joy
3. Declutter your things start from the unimportant ones. Never start from the ones that remain you of something or someone

It blew up my mind! I started to notice the things I have and found out that more than 50% wasn't really needed for my daily life. The time I knew it got worse because:
1. I had so many books and never sell it to the preloved communities
2. I bought clothes that its style didn't last for a long-time
3. I bought unimportant things as an impulsive way to overcome my stress
4. I bought the same unimportant things again and again
5. I didn't think that my room was temporary for living
6. I needed more time to tidy it up
7. I needed more energies as I moved out into a new place

Tips to Deal with Insufficient Room

Inas Tips to Deal with Insufficient Room
(LyLean Lee on Pinterest)

1. Stop Buying Unimportant Things

Think twice about how urgent the things you want to buy. Recently, I always have this kind of conversation in my mind about the usability and the quality of the goods. If it has impacts on my daily needs and lasted for 3 years, I would buy it. As it also has a good quality, there is a chance to sell it in a preloved shop.

2. Directly Sell The Un-Used Stuff

If you can't prevent yourself to buy kind of stuff, and you didn't use it in the next week, next month, then just directly sell it. I'd ever bought a wireless headphone because I'd been curious about the experience and I wanted to know did it has an impact on me listening to the music or any audios. 
Well, I didn't really like listen to music, I didn't have any business related to audios, so the headphone was only used for about one month. Afterwards, I sold it in Carousell. I still got benefit from it because I could remove unimportant things, I had more space, and I still got the money.

3. Just Throw Away or Go to a Dealer or Donate

The example of threw-away things are like unused papers, broken stuff you think it requires time to fix, and the broken ones you think it can't be fixed. If you have many amounts like papers and card boxes, you can give it to a dealer and they will give you many as an exchange. And, if you feel guilty to give it to a dealer or threw it away, you can donate as long as it is still in a proper condition.
I'd ever gone to a dealer to sell my test papers, tryouts, and un-used textbooks, even notes and then I got some money as the exchange. I also donated my books in a cafe (the cafe is available to receive any books donation) and I got a free matcha-latte. I think what I did was better than I just threw away my stuff. Eventually, it also reminds me to store the kinds of stuff kindly so it will be in a good condition for a long time and still proper to be sold.

Recommendation List for The Nomaden


1. A backpack, luggage, a hangout bag
2. Laptop + charger + mouse + headset
3. Handphone + charger
4. High quality and flexible clothes (such as hoodie and jacket)
5. A binder
6. Skincare and makeup
7. A pencil case
8. A meal box + bottle + spoon and a fork
9. Prayer needs
10. Wallet


Bring things that easily carried by hands. So that you don't need any boxes and low cost to spend.


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